Sunday, 23 June 2019

Carve Me

My favourite lyrics from Carve Me, ft Nick Brewer

Favela released a collaborative album back on the 30th of May called A Thousand Fibres and man, it's another beautiful album from him! To my the title of the album is very fitting. This album, or I mean the songs of this album, are like a thousand emotional fibres woven into a warm cozy blanket that envelopes the heart. As usual the album is one hell of an emotional ride! Congratulations to Favela and all the artists involved in this album for the phenomenal album!

Even though the album was released in May, I'm gonna put it in the June's list since it's on the last day haha. And I've been enjoying listening to this album during the holiday.

I really enjoyed the whole album in general but some songs stood out for me. They are Carve Me, Rusks and Wine, You Say, Sparrow and Fool Again. Especially Carve Me, which is a song that really made me emotional and empowered at the same time after listening to it!

Favela has been one of my favourite artists/songwriter that I discovered in the past few years. And he's definitely inside my top 10 favourite musician list of my life. I discovered him back in 2015, and it was a purely serendipitous and grateful discovery that I made! I remember back in 2015 I used to listen to Soundcloud to discover new music. And one fateful night, Favela's Easy Yoke played on shuffle in Soundcloud and wow I just fell in love with it right away.

After a few searches on YouTube, I discovered his social media pages and also his bandcamp! Which I bought Easy Yoke at. Now his Bandcamp page is no longer active. And his old materials are actually amazing too! I wish he will release it on Spotify one day.

Year after year we've been blessed with his incredible music. From Future Vision EP, English Letters EP in 2017, his debut album Community last year, and now FPATF. I seriously hope that he won't stop making music. Because his music is incredible. And I really think he's a talented songwriter as well. He really touched words and turn them into magic. Magic that touches your heart!

And his music in general is just so melancholic and emotional. Like for example his song Nevermore My Temples Leave is truly one of a kind in this world. I always feel weirdly emotional whenever I listen to it. It gave me a feeling I've never felt before when I listened to it for the first time. A personal favourite for me is Medals. Because I relate to that song a lot. Confession: I also cried to that song a lot. It's emotional and it always made me feel sad about the world. And its functions.

Alright that's all from me now. This is a special post dedicated to one of my favourite musicians ever, Favela! I hope you give his new album a listen because it's incredible. And his other music too mwahaha. Alright see you again. Take care and have a great week ahead :)

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Left Behind

I am seriously in deep shit for not blogging here haha. See I told you, blogging more often during the holiday isn't gonna happen! But nevertheless I have my reasons for that too. 

Anyway yes the holiday is over and we're all back to work for almost 2 weeks now. Here are some quick updated to my life mwahaha. Reasons for not writing is... Well I actually really had a great break during the holiday. I was literally doing nothing. I spent most of the night just surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, and not forgetting, journaling of course! Thus that's why I didn't blog, I spent most of the nights doing nothing. And it's fantastic.

Also I am now officially an uncle to four kiddos now! My 2nd sister gave birth to her son last Thursday and I'm so happy for her and my brother in law! Well although now I feel more pressurised because everyone has been asking me when's my turn *rolls eyes* hahaha. I'm single AF so don't expect me to be with anyone, let alone have kids HAHAHA. But yes, my new nephew is a healthy boy!

And yeah that's all for the updates I guess... I might be sharing some of the poems and posts I wrote on my journal here. Also I promised you a post dedicated to Favela and that's coming soon!

Alright that's all for me now. I will see you soon.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Holiday Syndrome

Hello hello, I know I'm a day late but just wanna wish Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world! I hope you had a blissful month of Ramadhan and a wonderful Eid celebration with your loved ones :) This year Eid coincides with my grandfather's 27th death anniversary so we were doing the prayers yesterday. My aunts and uncle came over as usual and it was a pretty chill and quiet day.

Somehow the first day of Eid seems like the quietest day of the year at home hah. 

Anyway I've been enjoying the past 3 days of holiday here. I am suffering from what I like to call the Holiday Syndrome. I wouldn't say it's a problem, it's a good thing actually haha. I'd like to call it a syndrome where you feel that you're obliged not to do anything even though you may have things to be done, and could be done haha. But seriously though, not doing anything is an act of bliss these days.

Not only that my shop is closed for Eid, so I don't have to do the daily sales report, but yeah I just had a great time not doing anything! Haha. Besides the going out during the day activities of course. Like after dinner, I would wash the dishes, went back to my room and do nothing! Scroll through Instagram, watch YouTube videos, and lay around my bed. It was wonderful haha.

I wanted to journal/blog but meh I don't feel like doing so. Like I just wanna do nothing haha.

I would say it's an act of bliss because on other days, I feel like I'm just preoccupied to do things. To think about things and so on. And it's wonderful not being needed to do such heh. But usually things will go back to normal slowly as the holiday nears the end. But if you enjoy every day, doing things you want to do, and things your heart wants to do, you won't feel bad that the holiday is coming to an end.

It's all about being present I guess.

Okay that's all from me now. I have 2 more posts in mind that I will write soon. In the meantime, let me suffer my holiday syndrome as much as I can hahaha. Hope you're doing well.

Saturday, 1 June 2019


Right, June's here and also we just finished the grand harvest 2k19 today! 621 rolls of flowers this time round. I think our most successful one yet. I think we have found the right timing for the planting of our flowers. Hopefully we can keep it up for the harvest next year and so on. As usual, flowers are living things and we can't control them as and when they want to bloom etc. I would say the weather was both on our side and also not on our side haha.

Well we planted 4 greenhouses of flowers for Lebaran. But only 3 managed to bloom fully, in fact one bloomed like 2 weeks ago and we already started harvesting them. As for the last one, it has bloomed but it's not bloomed enough to be harvested and sold. The reason for this is that... I purposely reduced the planting time for the last greenhouse as I was told by someone who's working at the meteorology department that we might be having hot weather this year.

Since Lebaran falls in June, I thought that the dry season will begin in May. This was also mentioned by a few news outlet, so I thought it's really gonna happen. And guess what, it's been raining everyday haha. We were only having sunny hot weather on the 3rd week of May. Even in this week, it was raining from Monday till Thursday. So yeah the last greenhouse didn't bloom in time.

Nevertheless, I'm just glad and happy that we managed to pull this harvest up! And managed to fulfill about 90% of the orders. Keep it up my dearest flowers, see you bloom again on the 13th! :D

As for now... The holiday has begun! I'm always looking forward to this time of the year haha. It's a good time to just do nothing, rest and have a break. I'm not traveling anywhere again this year so yeah I'm pretty much looking forward to having a good break at home. I have no plans for anything in this holiday.... I'd love to try to blog everyday but I don't think it's gonna happen hah. 

Oh well. Looking forward to having a great break in the next 10 days or so. See ya soon. 

Friday, 31 May 2019

Glittering Sea

Hello! It's the last day of May, and I'm just doing another quick blog post about the great music I discover in May. Once again, not gonna elaborate on them one by one haha. Here goes!

Great Music of May:
- Back For More by Glassio
- Namedropper by Valley
- Glittering Sea by re:plus X Yusuke Shima
- Alligator by Of Monsters And Men
- Patience by Rhye ft Olafur Arnalds

Song of The month: Glittering Sea by re:plus X Yusuke Shima

As usual, most of these songs were discovered in Spotify, at the release radar or weekly discovery playlist! Special mention to Glittering Sea which is a song I really enjoy this month. I'm kinda into chill-hop this year haha and this song is an awesome Chill-hop song! To be honest I suck at distinguishing genres but yeah Chill-hop music, I think you know it haha. 

OMAM has been teasing on their Instagram that they're at the studio recording new materials, so I know a new OMAM album is coming! They released their first single Alligator recently and wow I'm so excited! Yes, I miss OMAM a lot. Since their release of Beneath The Skin 4 years ago! I am pretty excited for their new album Fever Dream, Alligator is quite an awesome first single!

Okay actually there's one more album that was released in May. To be exact, yesterday haha. It's Favela's Collaborative album: A Thousand Fibres! I have given it a listen and I love it but I will do a separate post for it! Also I think it's more justifiable for it to be inside June's list haha.

Anyway I'm just taking a short break now. Tomorrow we will carry out the grand harvest 2k19 and whew we have a lot of flowers! Haha. So excited. I hope everything will go well tomorrow. And then we're off for the lebaran holidays. Though I'm spending it at home again this year. Perhaps I will spend time blogging a lot during the holiday. We'll see, everytime I say this it never happens haha!

Hope you had a Marvelous month of May. Here's to a Jubilant June ahead guys :)

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Beyond Impossible

With the idea that we now have a burger that looks and tastes like meat, but is made entirely out of plants, that sounds Beyond Impossible for me haha. To be honest back then, one of the top reasons why I didn't want to go vegetarian was that I was afraid of missing the taste of meat. Although to be honest once you go vegetarian, you won't miss it at all (for me that is). Especially if you do it out of ethical reason, you'll learn how the taste of meat isn't worth the life of an animal.

Until a few years ago when I found out about the Beyond burger. I was skeptical at first because it was made out of beet (or the extract of it that is) and how could it taste like meat? Then there was the Impossible Burger, and now we actually have a lot of brands that make meatless burgers.

So I had the wonderful opportunity to try both the Beyond and Impossible burger when I was in Singapore. And here's my personal review of both burgers! Although to be honest... It's not going to be a "complete" review, you will understand why later on in the post alright.

I tried the Impossible Burger at Fat Papas with Candy and Syazwani. And we also bought the Impossible Nachos, and Candy bought the Impossible Shepherd's Pie. The Nachos came first and wow seriously I was blown away by the nachos! Okay it has the same texture as ground beef. But taste wise it was rather ambiguous for me, because it was masked by the tomato sauce. But it really taste like a proper nacho with ground beef that I once had last time haha.

Fat Papas Impossible Burger!

Then I tried the burger and holy cow. Wait I mean holy cucumber (HAHA). It really tastes like meat! I was so shocked at first and I asked Candy and Syaz to try to make sure it's not meat haha. Well okay the only thing it is missing is the gamey smell of beef. But it really taste like meat! Well I haven't eaten meat in 3.5 years so I don't exactly know how it tastes like anymore. But it is truly reminiscent of a good burger for me. Couple with the cheese, it tastes savoury and goooood.

Texture wise it was like meat. There's a certain chewiness as well as juiciness when you bite into it. It's just like a good burger, complete with the smokiness of the patty and the soft fragrant buns. It's so terrifyingly accurate haha. I'd definitely try it again. Giving it an 8.5/10 here!

Okay before I go to the Beyond Burger, I actually had quite an unpleasant experience with this one. And I will not name the place that I had this at haha. And this is why this review is "incomplete".

Beyond Burger. Need to give this another try somewhere tho

So I ordered the Beyond Burger and it came looking very promising. However when I gave a bite of the burger... I realised that the patty was still frozen heh. At first I thought it was the mayo that they used (cause it's cold) but then I bit the patty alone and yup, it was still frozen heh. So I asked the waitress and the kitchen gave me a new one. However I'm not sure why but the taste was a bit off. Like I don't think the restaurant did justice to the Beyond Patty heh.

The patty itself was a bit tasteless, and there's a weird smell to it. And also the patty was red in colour. There was no charring of the outer layer of the patty and so on, like how a burger is like.

Maybe I'm bias because I watched and read a lot of reviews about the Beyond vs Impossible taste test. And a lot of reviews that I came across with actually have the Beyond burger emerging victorious heh. Perhaps I need to try the Beyond Burger on another place to give my full review.

Thus... No score given for the Beyond Burger.

Anyway it was an interesting and enlightening experience to try both burgers! To me thus far, the Impossible won by a lot. Because it tastes really good haha. I am really interested to try more of them from different places. And see their spins on it. But also I'm actually amazed by the invention of these two products. We're truly in the future, because I have never expected for them to taste this good!

Alright that's all from me today. I hope you can give both burgers a try if you have the chance to! :)

Friday, 24 May 2019

Social Media Detox

Right, it's day 3 of my "Social Media Detox" which I voluntarily took part in, because social media access had been restricted/blocked for the past 3 days (with exception of Twitter) here, thanks to the riots happening on 21-23 May. Yes it was pretty inconvenient actually. But I actually salute the government for doing this because I reckon that it's a smart move. If hoaxes can be easily spread over a long period of time during the election season, I'm 100% sure it can spread like wildfire easily in the past 3 days if social media access is not restricted. And the result will be very ugly for sure.

Okay to give an explanation to what's happening, here goes the chronology (to what I understand thus far). The election commission announced on Monday night that the incumbent president with his running vice president has won the election again in a 55-45 percentage count. The other party says that the election is rigged and demands justice bla bla. By Tuesday afternoon mob had gathered in front of the commission's building and other spots in Jakarta, police stood by. 

On Tuesday night, there were a few riots happening in a shopping district (Tanah Abang) and also in front of the commission building. Police were there to control the crowd and tear-gas was used. And then when I woke up on Wednesday, I couldn't access any social media. I thought my Wi-fi died so I turned to my data and it wasn't working still. And then I learned from my dad and brother that more riots had occurred and even people were closing their shops cause they're scared.

So yup, no access on Facebook and Instagram, I couldn't send photos on WhatsApp, and Whatsapp was really slow somehow. I could still access Twitter but uploading of photos are still disabled. All these were happening from Wednesday afternoon till Friday. I was able to send photos somehow in the afternoon but then it died again in the late afternoon. And just recently (it's 4:50 AM now) I was able to access Instagram, even though no photos showed up on my homepage, except for photos from profiles that are either ads, or business/figure accounts. Can't load stories either.

It was pretty inconvenient for the past 3 days. For me it wasn't the social media part, but like how I couldn't send photos on WA, and thus it's harder for me to communicate with other people. I wasn't feeling the FOMO the past 3 days, quite glad actually, it felt like a social media detox! Haha. At the same time it felt like I was back in China LOL. Well true, since we can't access these social media over there either. At least there's still Twitter where I can rant on haha.

Anyway yes, as much as life felt very boring the past 3 days, and how inconvenient communicating with people can be, I respect and salute the Indonesian Government for doing this. I was on Twitter and I've been following CNN Indonesia (I think they're pretty much the most neutral one here, just reporting what is going on) and some journalists as well. I know it was a mistake looking at the replies of the tweets regarding the riots. Even there, hoaxes are still running wildly!

So yes imagine if social media were freely accessible in the past 3 days. Terrifying. 

The problem doesn't lie with the government banning social media, but the lack of awareness, morality and sensitivity of the people to solve things and face things peacefully. How false information are easily spread among people, and people on the receiving ends are also not smart enough to see whether the information is true or not. And the fireball kept on rolling with these people spreading these false information. And that's how chaos happens right.

If there's anything I learn from these 3-day detox is that truly, ignorance is the root of all evil! And it is also the root of our suffering. I finally get it why ignorance is a huge enemy in Buddhism heh.

Nevertheless I would like to thank the hardworking policemen, who some are injured, during these rough times. Thank you for keeping things in control and for keeping people safe. And I think the victims are not only these mis-informed and ignorant people who sparked the riots. But also innocent people who just want to make a living. People who don't really care about who has the power in this country, but they just have a livelihood to make and a family to support. Common folks.

I hope the situation will settle quickly. It was a pretty tense and worrying three days. Take care everyone. Let us all hold on to each other. And spread love. Not hoaxes.